Sunday, February 02, 2003

What an unbelievable game last night in the Carrier Dome. It was the best hoops game that I have ever been too. 30,000 people and a great battle on the court made for an amazing atmosphere. The first half was tight until Pitt began to dissect the Cuse zone. They got a lot of easy looks and every player seemed to contribute for them. SU struggled to get going on offense and were down by double digits at halftime. Pitt fans were feeling pretty good about their chances of ascending to #1 in the polls, but they were a little premature in their celebration.

SU came out and the crowd began to get into the game again. A nice drive and layup by Craig Forth seemed to provide a spark. Then the Orangemen came out of their zone and began to press and play man to man. This really hampered Pitt as they used up a lot of clock and never seemed to get into a flow like they had in the first half. On the other end, Hakim Warrick took over and became very aggressive. Officiating was horrible- tremendously incosistent during the game. Foul trouble plagued both teams and as the Cuse closed the gap the Dome was rocking like it was the 80s again. The final minute was like a strange movie. Jeremy McNeil, shooting 28% from the line for the year, nails two freebies to tie the game. Then, SU comes up with a steal and a chance to win. Gerry MacNamara, who sure has a lot of guts, took the ball past Knight and drew another defender over. As his shot missed, McNeil was wide open for the put back. Then it got real interesting. Pitt fumbled the inbounds pass and got timeout as the crowd stormed the court. Replays gave them 0.8 seconds to try and tie or win. For whatever reason, SU did not defend the inbounds pass- bad decision there- and Knight got a look from 35 feet. His shot went right in as the court was stormed again. It seemed like he took too much time, but as the officials tried to review the play fans were going after them and several Pitt players. The shot was not allowed and the party began for the third time. It was too bad this controversy took away from an incredible battle. Pitt is a very good team, but they lack a go to guy, which will hurt them again come tourney time. SU showed toughness coming back and let's hope they will build off this huge win.


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