Monday, February 24, 2003

Been a while since the last update so here goes a few things from off the top of my brain(grammar and proper punctuation is being checked at the door).....condolences to all those affected by the fire in RI last week- it was sad to be back in the Ocean State and have something awful like that happen- let's hope that people learn from this and keep the pyro to large or outdoor venues

not to belittle this event, but I need to focus on some good things: sweet SU-ND game a couple of weeks ago as I enjoyed with 32,000 other college hoops fans-combined with SU-Pitt makes for a couple of awesome games for me to see...spent last Friday night in Somerville to see The Modeles tear it up- check them out when they come near your town and tell Zing (the drummer) I sent you....spring training is gearing up and what happened to Manny Ramirez's hair? man he makes Steve Nash's do look happening...Gary Payton traded for Ray Allen? one of those change of scenery deals that should work out for both teams...I like Orlando getting Drew Gooden- he could help T-Mac make a run to the Finals...Kobe keeps scoring, but at what price? stay tuned for this one case you haven't noticed the Sixers are playing some good ball now that DC is back healthy....did anyone know who Norah Jones was before last night? I was calling for Avril to win a few, but I was wrong...nice perfomances by Eminem w/ The Roots, Coldplay and the tribute to The Clash....I think Ja Rule is really gunning to win that award for Rap and R&B song next year....Kirilenko for 6th Man and Harpring for Most Improved- is there magic in those ugly Jazz jerseys? (just kidding Kelly)...big win for the Cuse over State and I can still hear my boy Neil screaming from Salt Lake for Hill to get that final shot- 10 threes in one game-that's a sick performance...gotta get some sleep- check me out on as I do some high school track commentating tomorrow night.


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