Wednesday, February 12, 2003

How you doin? Pretty cold here, but looking forward to the Cuse-ND game on Saturday. I will be joined by another 30,000 people as the Dome rocks again. Hopefully the outcome will be like that of the Pitt game and the Cuse will be gaining momentum heading into March. The Big East has just collapsed. What happened to BC and Nova? Awful, awful showings lately.

I think Michael Jordan played his last All-Star Game this weekend, but I'm not sure if that info is correct as they didn't make mention of it during the game. Who held Vinsanity's arms while Davey Stern held the lead pipe to his knee to get him to give MJ the starting slot? Who has money on when Mariah Carey will "accidentally" pop out on live tv? People think I am nuts for wanting a velour track suit, but c'mon a full length Wizards jersey dress? Did it really go well with the huge rock on her hand? Are women going to be wearing these to clubs now? I am disappointed that the West didn't play Nowitzki with Duncan,Garnett, Yao and Shaq. Sorry folks, but the US versus the World would not be close. Here are your teams:
US- Shaq, Duncan, McGrady, Kobe and Kidd- Payton,AI, O'Neal, Wallace,Stackhouse,Mashburn,Pierce,Francis,Marbury
How close do you think that game would be?

Picked up the new 50-Cent cd yesterday and it is good stuff. The man really hates Ja Rule- that earns big bonus points in my book. Let's hope this rap battle stays on wax though.

Pitchers and catchers report this week. Bout time baseball gets started back up. Stay tuned for some more fantasy tips from yours truly.

On that note,this update is done like Christina Aguilera dating white guys.


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