Friday, March 28, 2003

Waiting for the big SU-Auburn game tonight, I wonder why Pitt quit last night. They looked like the game was over with 6-7 minutes left. If they had abandoned the 3 and kept driving to the basket, they would have won. Dwayne Wade was unreal in the second half. Then in Anaheim, Nick Collison puts Kansas on his back for 40 minutes to beat Duke. Folks, this is what superstars do and that's why you need one to win a title. Let's hope Carmelo Anthony and TJ Ford were watching and taking notes.

Also got to watch T-Mac vs KG last night. These guys should be 1-2 in the MVP race with KG just edging out T-Mac based on the fact that he is winning with Kendall Gill on his team. I mean c'mon, Kendall Gill was good in like 91 or 92, but that's about it. Everyone still fearing the Lakers, but I say you should fear the Spurs. The difference for SA from last year is that Danny Ferry is no longer their 6th man- that says a lot. Look for Speedy, Manu and Malik Rose to be the bench guys to help Duncan get another ring.

Go Cuse!!!!


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