Wednesday, March 12, 2003

It's Madness and I'm not talking about the guys who brought us "Our House". So let's leave the place in the middle of the street and stroll over to Bracketville. No tears shed here for Georgia or St. Bona. The Georgia players who think Tony Cole let them down are just ridiculous...umm how bout your coach and his boy breaking all the rules. Maybe these guys are upset because they only got an A- in "Principles of Coaching Basketball". This is going to be a wild next couple of weeks. Every team has a weakness and there is not much seperating the teams. I'll say the #1 seeds will be Arizona, Kentucky, Texas and Kansas or Oklahoma. After these four, it's anybody's guess. Big stars can carry teams far this year, so look out for Wake (Josh Howard), Marquette (Wade), Xavier (West) and of course the Cuse (Anthony). I'll have my picks after the brackets are released.

Baseball is gearing up and with my fantasy draft this weekend, here are some early picks:
AL East- NY, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Tampa
AL Central- Chicago, Minn, Cleveland, Detroit, KC
AL West- Oakland, Seattle,Anaheim, Texas
NL East- Atlanta, Philadelphia, NY, Florida, Montreal
NL Central- Houston, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Chicago,Pittsburgh, Milwaukee
NL West- San Fran, Arizona, LA, San Diego
Wildcard- Arizona
AL Champ- Oakland
NL Champ- Houston
World Champs- Oakland


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