Thursday, June 05, 2003

Au revoir Patrick Roy. The best goalie ever decides to go out and even though they lost this year, you can't take away his 4 Stanley Cup rings. He was the reason why my beloved Habs won in 86 and 93 (especially 93 when his play inspired a lesser team to the title). I will never forget watching Roy take over in 93. Yes, he was arrogant and cocky on the ice, but that's the way a goalie needs to play.

Is Sammy Sosa a cheat? Look this is being blown out of proportion. Yes he was caught with cork and yes he made a huge mistake, but to say he cheated the last few years. The guy made himself stronger as he got older (when it is easier to add weight and muscle to the body). He also moved to a great home run park and that and not cork has led him to 500 homers.

Someone plugged in David Robinson last night. If the Spurs get games like this from Parker and the Admiral this series will be short. What happened to Kenyon Martin? Man, he has really stepped up his game. Forget Duncan's numbers, no one can stop him and that's why he is the MVP. I've said the Spurs all along and I am going with them in 6. Someone get me a Manu jersey.


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