Tuesday, September 09, 2003

That was some weekend of football. I spent Saturday afternoon listening to the Cuse battle back and take down UNC in OT- take that ACC! Then, it was time to watch Miami come from way down. During this game, I wondered why Inger Martin was not playing. Guess Ron Zook is unlike Mike Martz and won't play quarterbacks with concussions. I give a big thanks to Martz for not giving the ball to Marshall Faulk (my top fantasy pick). In case you were wondering this is my squad (Thugonomics):
QB: Trent Green and Mike Vick
RB: Faulk, Jamal Lewis, Warrick Dunn and Moe Williams
WR:Derrick Mason, Rod Smith, Donte Stallworth, Ashley Lelie, and Jimmy Smith
TE: Tony Gonzalez
K: Martin Grammatica and Mike Vanderjagt
D: Miami

Looks good on paper, but looks can be deceiving. I hope to rebound this week. The league is pretty evenly matched and we shall see what happens over this long season.

Here are the stats of two big league pitchers:

25 25 159.2 132 50 44 42 178 11 4 2.48
25 24 157.2 120 45 44 58 158 9 7 2.51

Looks pretty even don't they. Well Pitcher A is Pedro Martinez and Pitcher B is Brandon Webb of Arizona. Pedro will make $17 million next year and Webb will be making less than $1 million. Ponder that. Peace.


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