Sunday, January 04, 2004

Fantasy Football Champions- this guy's squad. I finally won a football league thanks to Trent Green reverting back to his form from last year. I went back to The Chad and even with his 5 INT's, he managed to run in a couple of scores and I rolled to victory with my highest point total this season. Back to back titles next year- don't bet against me. Now I must focus on getting my hoops squad back on track.

A-Rod staying in Texas.....not so fast my friend. Don't be surprised if a deal is done soon. Boston is still lurking and Baltimore might want to offer the Rangers Tejada and a couple of prospects for A-Rod. Think he wouldn't put asses back in the seats in Camden Yards.

Now that 2004 is upon us, what should we expect. Hmmm...I don't care as long as we don't see the return to fashion of Members Only jackets and rolled-up jeans.


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