Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Today's report is brought to you by the letter B..as in BCS- Botched Championship Series. Still think that some kind of playoff is stupid? I know that Syracuse won the National Championship in basketball without winnning their conference, but they earned it with 6 wins in the tourney (including the sweep of the Big 12). Hope the ACC liked the conference championship game since next year it will keep one of their teams out of a BCS title game.

Fantasy playoffs are this week and I have a tough matchup. There are going to be some difficult line-up choices for this game.

Number 10 in green
The Chad saved my team again
but I must play Vick

A-Rod to Boston as the loyal Red Sox fans turn on Nomar. Poor, poor Nomar. He's not as good as A-Rod, but they act like the guy had a crappy season last year.....if this trade goes through the Sox will have an awful outfield along with no second baseman and huge salary problems with the impending free agency of Lowe,Varitek,and Nixon.


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