Sunday, August 22, 2004

It's been too long since I wrote anything here. The summer has gone by quickly and now football season is upcoming. So I thought I would come by with my picks for this year....(what were you expecting me to talk about the US Men's Olympic Basketball team? well just for you I will later on)

Now on to the picks:
AFC: Division Winners- New England, Baltimore, Indy and Denver
Wild Card- NY Jets and Tennessee
Champ- Indianapolis over Denver
NFC: Division Winners- Philadelphia, Minnesota, Carolina and Seattle
Wild Card- Green Bay and St. Louis
Champ- Philadelphia over Minnesota
Super Bowl- Philadelphia over Indianapolis

Baseball is winding down and no one seems to be saying much about St. Louis. Their lineup is stacked and the pitching is good enough to keep them in games. That being said, the Cubs and Red Sox could be the most dangerous wildcard teams ever, if they can make it in, they both have the starting pitching to do major damage. Bullpens for both are a different story entirely. Look for more waiver wire deals involving relievers this week.

Note to Larry Brown: It's ok to take out Iverson and Marbury and let Lebron and others play. Way to lose a lead as Marbury gets more shots than Duncan and Odom combined. Don't be afraid to coach. Not all young players are bad.


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