Tuesday, October 05, 2004

"Playoffs??? You wanna talk about playoffs?" Why yes Jim Mora, I would like to talk about the baseball playoffs. I know that the world, or at least Fox Sports, wants to see Yankees- Red Sox in the ALCS. Not so fast my friend, this guy says that the Twins and Angels will pull off the upsets and ruin the promotion of the great new Fox Fall TV lineup. In the NL, I'm picking the Cardinals and Astros to advance and then we will have a Twins- Cardinals World Series. Smell the ratings baby.

Anyone who thinks that Curt Schilling should be the AL Cy Young because of the pressure in Boston should be slapped in the face like they were John Henderson of the Jaguars. Johan Santana had a better ERA, WHIP, OPP BA and more strikouts than "look at me, I'm Curt Schilling- I hate the Yankees". If the media votes for Schilling, it will be the biggest sham since Bud Selig allowed his pal John Henry to buy the Red Sox, or when Bud allowed Jeff Loria to leave Montreal for Florida and take all of the equipment with him, or when Bud declared the All Star Game a tie, or kept Pete Rose from the Hall of Fame...I think you get the picture.

Fantasy Football Update: Joined two leagues this year. Defending my title in the Rockers league and have recovered from an 0-2 start to win the last two games. In my other league, I survived this week with a one point win to maintain my undefeated record.

Memo to Kobe: Don't drive the lane on Christmas Day. Santa Shaq will be waiting with a size 20 boot for your ass.


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