Monday, May 02, 2005

Stumped by The Schwab

Ok so this post is later than promised. Well you get what you pay for......anyway here is the stuff you didn't see on Stump the Schwab last week. As you may have seen, I survived round 1 until the complete crash and burn in round 2. It was a crash of monumental proportion too. Something like the rise and fall of Timmy Smith. What they edited out was:
- Stu Scott insinuating that I became a bat boy for the PawSox beacuse I didn't want to work in the concession stands with girls.
- Stu giving me a forehead bump and then telling me I wished I was black. Yeah it was just a little awkward.
- Stu told me he loved me. (And yet he still hasn't called and it's 3 weeks now and all I have left is his bobblehead

Well after I bombed out, both Stu and The Schwab shook my hand and asked if I enjoyed my time, which I did despite the final results. Before we left NYC, I received my fabulous consolation prizes- A 2005 ESPN Sports Almanac, and an ESPN t-shirt. Another consolation is that they actually replayed my episode last Thursday, which means that someone at ESPN likes me...or is really, really cruel. I am now waiting for my offers to come in- hey if Stephen A Smith can get a show, why can't I?

In other news:
- Are you impressed by Dwayne Wade and Amare Stoudamire yet? Glad Larry Brown played them and Lebron so much in Athens. As if Stephon Marbury can win anything other than the Annual EBC Tournament at the Rucker over guys like God Shamgod.
- Could we possibly have an All Van-Gundy final? If that happens, will Mark Cuban's head explode?
- A-Rod gets 10 RBI's in one game and suddenly he's a real Yankee? Look for him to explode this year as he is pissed that all of the Red Sox think he's a fraud.
- I could not believe that David Wells went on the DL. I mean the man is a freak athletic specimen.
- Memo to TO- You are a great receiver, but don't take on D- Nabb. You are one step away from being sent to Chicago and seeing how it will feel to be catching passes from Rex Grossman.
- Now that the real Kurt Warner has been replaced, it looks like the aliens are currently studying Manu Ginobili and Brian Robers


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