Thursday, June 23, 2005

Don't listen to me

I'm picking the Spurs tonight. 86-82 with Brent Barry nailing a go ahead 3 in the final minute.
So I was off by one game and one Spur...that's why I don't gamble. Well it turned out to be a decent little NBA Finals after all. I still like San Antonio tonight, but Tony Parker needs to turn it up. Maybe Eva can get him to play harder...I mean better tonight.

Much ado about nothing this week: the NBA age minimum- just spend a year in Europe or the NBDL, the Yankees big comeback- only counts for one win against the D Rays even, Curt Schilling's return- more ridiculous quotes like how he doesn't see how a Red Sox could go to the Yankees. Of course he was pointing at Roger Clemens, you know the guy Dan Duquette said was washed up about 7 years ago. Face it Curt, it's all about the cash and you know it because it's why you went to Arizona and Boston and if Boston dropped you this winter and George came calling, you would be kissing Lou Gehrig's plaque in Monument Park.

From the mind of the bored and borderline insane: Did you see Mr & Mrs. Smith yet? We went to see it last night and I was entertained. Anyone who wonders why Pitt would dump Jennifer Aniston for Angelina should see this movie, or ask Hubie Brown "You're Brad Pitt. You're in your early 40s and at the peak of your popularity. You want to start a family but your wife doesnt want kids because of her career, which is at the edge of falling off as it is. Along comes Angelina Jolie who has tremendous upside. She's younger, more attractive and willing to have a family. Plus you know she is wilder. If I'm Brad Pitt, it's an easy decision."

Tremendous upside in this page, if I could ever show consistency. I'm still hoping to be a 1st round pick.


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