Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kobe and Shaq: Revenge of the Diesel

" I am not familiar with that name" Shaq when asked if he would speak with Kobe. Ouch. Talk about your disses. Man someone get these guys in a studio so we can get some bad rap songs to spark this fued. Kobe can be MC Shan while Shaq is KRS-One. I can't believe Phil is back in LA. Can they trade Kobe and get equal value back? Go ahead and bet on the Lakers next year- they aren't going anywhere.

Fantasy baseball has not been too good to me so far this year. Thankfully intramural softball has started. After 2 games played, my OPS is 2.000. I should retire now. I am becoming the Ichiro of this league- just slapping singles all over the place (well at least to the left side of the field). If only I could still run fast, I'd have more doubles.

I'm picking the Spurs tonight. 86-82 with Brent Barry nailing a go ahead 3 in the final minute.


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