Thursday, July 03, 2003

Miami and VT are gone and the Big East looks elsewhere for their football savior...Notre Dame- sorry not going to happen (and that goes for you too ACC) because ND is in the driver's seat and will not join a conference until it is absolutely necessary.....Penn St-hmmm, possibility, but still kind of a long shot...and that's the list. I say forget this 12 team conference idea and use the split bb/fb and bb only 8 team conferences like so:

Crouthamel Conference (after my man Jake swoops in to save the Big East)

Gavitt Conference(gotta give props to the granddaddy of the BE)
St Johns
the Hall

7 conference games for fb. For hoops season, you play each team in your "conference" twice, designate "rivals" to be played each year and then 3 other "cross-over" games which will rotate each year. Imagine these hoops rivals:
UConn-St Johns
WVU-Nova (only bad one of this bunch)

There you go problem solved- send my check asap as I have some home improvement projects to take care of.

The other problem I solved this week is what to do about Jason Kidd. My solution: NJ signs Kidd and then trades him and Richard Jefferson to the Lakers for Kobe and Derek Fisher. Now close your mouth and listen. Kidd and RJ make the Lakers the team to beat next year since it gives Shaq a guy who will actually pass him the ball. It reunites RJ and Luke Walton and guarantees that my man Bill will proclaim them the best thing to hit LA since John Wooden retird. Kobe gives NJ a star in return. Kobe gets the NY market and also the chance to be the "star" (ie 1st option on offense) and earn the attention he so obviously craves. Mitch Kupchak and Rod Thorn- give me a call and let's get this done.

I'll say it now- Carmelo wins ROY next year after he goes for 18.2 ppg, 7.4 rpg and 3.7 apg for the 40 win (yes 40) Denver Nuggets. Heed more words people.

Baseball news- fantasy squad is hanging tough due to my brilliant pickups of Brandon Webb and Eric Byrnes. Thome and Bonds are heating up and No-mah has been supah wicked awe-sum lately.

Note to Red Sox Nation: Gabe Kaplan would be a better pickup than Gabe Kapler. Don't trade Trot in order to play the newest one weekend wonder.

Enjoy the 4th. 2 weeks until NCAA 2004!!!!