Wednesday, October 26, 2005

October Madness

If you think that not having Boston or New York in the World Series makes it dull, well I guess you're missing out. What a Series so far and I hope Houston wins the next 2 so it can go longer. I didn't make it through last night's game, but this has been a great postseason for baseball......except for the poor umpiring. I hate having instant replay in baseball except for homerun and fan interference calls. You can't replay every close play on the bases- the games would take forever.

Everyone hold off on the Ozzie Guillen for President stuff. He's a gambler, but that doesn't mean he's a great manager. The one thing I like about him is that he does what he feels like doing and doesn't play by the book. I thought his not using the bullpen in the Angels series would come back to bite him, but it really hasn't. Then he goes a week without using his bench and Blum homers last night. He's at the table rolling 7's right now- Sox fans hope he doesn't crap out.

Thank god college basketball starts in two weeks. I'm wondering if Syracuse will complete a screen pass this year that doesn't go to the opposing team. I have never watched an offense that has been unable to take advantage of a good defense. They took 7 games to convert a turnover into points, but their failure to score or move the ball leaves the d hung out to dry.

Habs win again. Love the new NHL with the wide open ice and focus on skating and moving the puck.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The umpteenth restart

Seriously, I am rebooting this blog more than a sore loser playing on the All-Madden level. Your boy is back though and sporting some new bling on the left ring finger too. Now maybe I can get this thing going more often.

Wow, what a sports weekend. I am so tired today- think I might have overdone it with football and the baseball playoffs. First, congrats to the White Sox for winning. Someone tell Ozzie that it's ok to use relief pitchers in the playoffs and Kelvim Escobar- tagging someone with an empty glove is not the way to go...really. I am glad that the Red Sox and Yankees are done. Finally we get to see teams that can turn a double play like the one the Astros turned to end Game 4...what a sweet turn- Tom Emanski would be proud. I blame the lack of fundamentals on the demise of This Week in Baseball..."how about that?"

USC showed why they should be feared. Reggie Bush is the best thing in college football since Marshall Faulk was running around in those all-black unis. My question to the ND staff is how do you let a guy go 60 yards on a 4th and 8? Belichick would not approve Charlie. Forget the controversy at the end..Leinart was in with or without Bush pushing him forward..the game's over..move on.

BCS rankings are out and no one cares. I mean we still have too many games left to try and worry about which team should be 10th instead of 12th. Just keep winning like LSU did two years ago and it will work out. Of course, this is the perfect time for me to mention that there needs to be a playoff. I mean we can get 65 teams together for basketball, but we can't figure out an 8 or 16 team playoff for football. Is Bud Selig or Gary Bettman running the NCAA?

Bruins-Habs Part II tomorrow night. All I know is that Youppi is back. Fear Youppi Bruins fans....seriously...