Saturday, August 30, 2003

Woe is's been a week since his injury, but it still pains me to think of this NFL season happening without The Chad. I'm not a Jets fan, but The Chad saved my fantasy team last year and for that he has earned my respect. Besides how can you not root for the slow white guy with the not-so-strong arm. In the days of the HGH-ified bodies (David Boston anyone), The Chad is a throw-back and let's up he rejoins us soon.

- Isiah Thomas was fired the other day and the media is up in arms. Ummm...isn't this the same Isiah that has led the talented Pacers to nothing in the weak East, the same Isiah who has been out-coached each year. When did he become so special. Wasn't Rick Carlisle coach of the year and the guy Bird said should have replaced him three years ago? C'mon people, let's not make controversy when there are no-brain decisions. This is as much of a slam dunk as saying that Christina left Britney in her wake the other night (she sang circles around her and came strong with the hotness). Britney and Isiah are clinging to their past-let's all help nudge them off the ledge for good.

- While on the subject of the VMA's, thank goodness for Chris Rock. He saved this show, which had some real corny set-ups (Lebron and Ashanti). My favorite bit was him talking about Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri. I don't see how Jermaine did it, but man if there was ever a couple that was perfect for "Lose the Dork", it's them.
What happened to Timbaland-man was he huge, and why was Magoo missing? Anyone else wondering if Timbaland ate him?

Friday, August 22, 2003

Finally my work weeks are coming to an end. Let's play catch-up:

- Warren Sapp is running his mouth again- talking about how the old-timers are overrated. (pick up the phone Warren it's the kettle calling to tell you something). So Sapp claims that Jim Brown carried the ball "like a loaf of bread" and the Bucs would force him to fumble 5 or 6 times.....riiiighhhtt. Here's what would happen...Brown would sweep right...slow down and then cut back to meet Sapp coming down the line. As Sapp moves in, Brown throws his left foreman up into Sapp's triple chin knocking him backwards where Brown can plant his black cleat between the 9's on those ugly Bucs unis. Brown would then run over John Lynch on his way to the end zone. Warren Sapp is the overrated one. If tonight's 6 pm Sportscenter started with a review of the greatest athletes of all-time, they would hit Brown's name before 6:05 and maybe they would hit Sapp's name around 3:24 am.

- Since when did Nick van Exel become such a media darling. I remember everyone bashing him for being a whining, pouting baby. I think Dallas was smart to trade him while his value was high. They needed size and if Antwan can handle doing some dirty work while Dirk hangs outside the Mavs can hang with the other big boys out west.

-LLWS wraps up this weekend and you can't find too many things better on sports to watch right now. I mean if you are choosing between pre-season football, a crappy PGA tourney and these's a no-brainer.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Been too long between posts here. I place my blame on work, NCAA Football 2004 and my girlfriend (but not in that order). Since I am stuck at work on a beautiful Sunday, let me hit you with some random thoughts:

- Vick's injury means the Falcons hopes are done, the fantasy value of Peerless Price is minimal and in Somerville Breeze is breaking things.

- Where can I buy one of those " I Love Kobe" bracelets? Even Doug Christie is laughing about how whipped Kobe became when this hit the fan.

- College football is starting and here are my picks by conference:
Big East: Miami, Pitt, SU, VT, WVU,BC
Big 10:Wisconsin,Michigan,Ohio St
Big 12: Kansas St, Texas,Okla
Pac 10:Wash.,ASU,Oregon
MWC: Air Force,Utah,BYU

- The NBA should change the playoffs so that all the west teams can meet in the "final 4". LA,Sac,Dallas and SA are stacked this year. I still think SA is the favorite and you know why.......Manu!

- There is much ado about Freddy Adu (bad pun I know), but he's a little young to be calling him the savior of US soccer. Besides US soccer can't be too bad if a Yank is in goal for Man U (not to be confused with Manu).

- NCAA 2004 is better than I expected. I hear Madden is even better. I need a job where I can get paid to stay home and play these games.