Saturday, September 28, 2002

Time to step to the podium and hand out my baseball awards for this year. So with other any further delay, let's get to the winners:

NL MVP: Barry Bonds...once again he puts up Kelly Leak-like numbers.
AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez...maybe I am being stubborn here, but A-Rod is having the best year even though the Rangers have been out of it since Memorial Day.

NL Cy Young: Randy Johnson...simply dominant-just edges out Schilling.
AL Cy Young: Barry Zito...sorry Pedro but missing starts means you miss out on this award.

NL Rookie of the Year: Jason Jennings...16 wins in Colorado is like winning 25 in a real ballpark.
AL Rookie of the Year: Eric Hinske...solid season and a key for Toronto's future.

NL Manager of the Year: Bobby record in the NL without much of an offense.
AL Manager of the Year: Mike Scoscia...great job getting Anaheim turned around.

NL Mascot of the Year: Youppi- Montreal
AL Mascot of the Year: Rally Monkey- Anaheim

All- Stars: AL NL
C: AJ Pierzinski- Minn Paul Loduca-LA
1B: Jason Giambi -NY Ryan Klesko-SD
2B: Alfonso Soriano-NY Jose Vidro-Mon
SS: Alex Rodriguez-Tex Edgar Renteria-StL
3B: Eric Chavez-Oak Albert Pujols-StL
OF: Magglio Ordonez-Chi Barry Bonds-SF
OF: Manny Ramirez-Bos Brian Giles-Pitt
OF: Torii Hunter-Minn Vlad Guerreo-Mon
LHP: Barry Zito-Oak Randy Johnson-Ari
RHP: Derek Lowe-Bos Curt Schilling-Ari
RP: Billy Koch-Oak John Smoltz-Atl

What is with Rey Ordonez thinking he can run his mouth? Hey Rey, you are horrible and guess what no one will want you next year or the year after- so do us all a favor and just leave.

Can you feel that chill in the air? It means that the NHL season is aboot to start. I will have some predictions soon. Going to have to journey to Rochester for some Tim Horton's donuts, eh.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

"Rannnnnn-dy you don't have to turn left at the light
Rannnnnn-dy you don't have to go over the middle tonight
so put away your helmet and grab yourself a jumpsuit
soon you'll be a Raider anyway."

Hey maybe the guy just wanted to be like Billy Ocean....(you know..."Get out of dreams and get onto my car")...haha man I am killing myself about making my team even who does Culpepper throw to...Sammy White? (Bet you thought I was going to say Ahmad Rashad..please) ...where in the name of Chuck Foreman are the Vikings going?

Because I'm feeling retro right now- think the Rams are wishing they had Lawrence McCutcheon this weekend? (When I was growing up I had two super-cool shirts...1) A picture of a Pete Rose baseball card 2) a 3/4 sleeve shirt that said Sir Lawrence of LA - Lawrence McCutcheon was The Man)...just dropping some more knowledge on the Tecmo Bowl generation...Fresh for '85...suckaaaaaassssss!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Trying to update this a little more often. I am going to hold off on tossing more dirt on the Rams burial. Let's see if Faulk is out for long before proclaiming them done. One question to about those "offensive geniuses" Spurrier, Holmgren,Billick and Martz....not too many wins between them are there. It is still too early to jump on the Panthers bandwagon....however I will say that Saints look good and Ricky Williams has fit in nicely in Miami.

My baseball comment from yesterday was based on the fact that the pennant races are over and so many teams are just limping home. I want to take exception with something that my pal The Sports Guy wrote about today. He said that the Red Sox had a good year and it just wasn't meant to be....c'mon SG. Let's look at some facts- Lowe,Pedro and Wakefield are pitching awesome...Manny and Nomar are having their typical solid years and this team isn't even in wildcard contention. What happened to the we are going to win the AL East? Where's the hey wait until Oakland,Seattle and Anaheim beat each other up while we feast on Tampa,Baltimore and Toronto? This is beginning to take a Portland twist- big money team put together to knock off champs only to suffer from a lack of identity. Good teams win close games and come from behind. Boston has been nothing more than mediocre since April and the future looks bleaker- no farm system, owners trying to cut payroll and many key players coming towards free agency.....let's go Pawsox!!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2002

RIP- Johnny U and Bullet Bob

Busy weekend here. Took in the SU X-C home meet on Sat morning and then played in the Ilion Pitch Tournament that night. Finished tied for 7th...respectable, but out of the money.

Well my fantasy football and baseball squads are suffering this week. One more week in baseball as I try to finish 3rd in the league. Looks like my fb squad will be 1-2 after this td's - what the???

How bout that Fun n Gun offense? Is the baseball season over yet?

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

As we spend today in rememberance of those who are no longer here, let us not forget to share with those who are still here.

Monday, September 09, 2002

It's getting hot in here....well that's today's theme anyway as I sit here in this heat wave recapping quite a weekend. Gotta say that I liked the enthusiasm of some of the SU fans in the O-Zone, but guys c' one ever impressed the ladies by being rude and vulgar towards them. All you are doing is depriving us of seeing the Tully's Dancers up close. I enjoyed being able to stand and yell and not have people screaming to sit if only the Cuse can get some wins.

So Miami just rolled on the Gators this weekend.(that will teach ESPN for tauting Grossman as "Rexclamation" dare they disgrace the legacy of Rex Chapman- one of my all-time favorites). The Canes just ran over and through Florida and served noticed that they aren't just a flash and dash team.

Another great game from D-Nabb wasted by the Eagles-hopefully some of those guys will step it up a bit.....oh hold on a second I thought I was done with this update and I just tossed my helmet across the room...ok that joke was about as good as a Tom Tupa pass, but it was a decent effort. How bout them Cowboys?????

A's and Angels get it going this week and hmmm where are the Red Sox in all of this? Last week of my fantasy baseball season as I am getting whalloped in the playoffs...only a miracle can save me this week.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

How bout those Oakland A's??? Well of course now that I said something they will be sure to lose tonight. Regardless I am starting to waver on the A-Rod as AL MVP. Let's see how Tejada handles the next couple of weeks, but if he keeps this up he should win the award. My fantasy baseball squad made the playoffs by virtue of a tiebreaker..but of course my entire offense except for Vernon Wells and Josh Phelps is's hoping Adam Kennedy can give me a spark.

NFL starts tonight and so let's go with the predictions:
AFC East: Miami, Buffalo, NY Jets, Patriots...
AFC South: Indy, Tenn, Jacksonville, Houston
AFC North: Pitt, Balt, Cinn, Clev
AFC West: Denver, Oak, SD, KC
Playoffs: Oak, Miami,Pitt,Indy,Buffalo, Denver
AFC Champ:Indy
NFC East: Philly, NY, Wash,Dal
NFC South: TB, NO, Atl, Cha
NFC North: GB, Minn, Chi,Det
NFC West:StL,SF,Sea,Ariz
NFC Champ:Philly
Super Bowl:Philly over Indy

No updates for a couple of days as The Rog finally returns to the Cuse. Tune in for updates on the O-Zone and Rog's thoughts on the US losing to Argentina.