Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tune in tomorrow

for "Stumped by Stu and the Scwab", my behind the scenes look at what did and didn't make tv.

Sorry for the one or two people who go to this page for the random pictures. I'm toying around with some things around here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

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Throw it down big man

So I couldn't stay up to watch the whole game, but what got into Yao last night? I know it was only Shawn Bradley, but he was on fire. Can a Jeff Van Gundy coached team win by playing great offense? Is this the Bizarro NBA? SOmebody post a picture of me with Bill Walton...

Reggie Miller- what can you say about him? Talk about a guy who is capable of killing teams in big games. He has to be one of the more underappreciated players in the last 25 years. Too bad the US didn't use him in the Olympics last summer.

Has Mel Kiper started working on next year's draft yet? Of course he has, that was a rhetorical question. I liked a few teams drafts- Dallas landed some good defenders and Marion Barber, San Diego lands Sproles, Arizona!!! gets Rolle and Arrington and the Jets get a kicker. Excuse me..a kicker? in the second round? Who's the GM (note the drummer)? Actually I like the pick and it's simple. They lost the chance to play for the AFC title when their kicker missed two 40 yard fg's...close games come down to special teams, so invest in them. Can you say Adam Vinateri?
Meanwhile Detroit takes another tall receiver and Joey Harrington will still be under 60% in completion percentage and the Patriots take a bunch of guys who automatically become starts because Sweatshirt Bill and Piloi said so. Oh and Pacman Jones are you kidding me? The guy has a medallion of a video game character from the 80s and he's your 1st round pick. The nickname is fine, but the medallion is too much. What's next wearing a platinum 8-bit Nintendo cartridge?

I neglected to mention my new favorite baseball team is the Washington Nationals or as my fiancee calls them "Team Wegmans". I prefer to call them "W-Pop". All apologies to Youppi...see you when the Habs are back playing.

I'll be back on Thursday with the full "Stump the Schwab" story

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The week that will be...

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I auditioned for Stump the Schwab. Well I was invited to participate and went to NYC a couple of weeks ago for the taping. I won't spoil the details, but if you want to see me get punked out by Stuart Scott, then tune it to ESPN2 this Wed night (April 27th) at 7:30

So I didn't mention baseball in my last post, but without playoff hockey this time of year, I'm glad that it's back. I'm in two fantasy leagues this year and thought I had real good drafts in both. However, I put a lot of faith in Peter Gammons and his opinion of Nomah. Now I'm left counting on Julio Lugo....ouch.

Speaking of ouch, have you seen Club Dread? Super Troopers was hilarious, this one was bad and not in a good way either.

Friday, April 22, 2005

April showers bring..

Kobe in the lottery. Ah that's nice to type. Do you think Mr. Bryant will be at the announcement in Seacaucus? No one else probably cares because they are bitching about Vince Carter's re-emergence in Toronto. Can you believe an athlete would dog it in order to force a trade? Haven't any of these sports radio windbags ever mailed it in during the last weeks of a job? I know I have. Anyway, look for the Spurs and Heat to have some 1st round trouble. I think the Nuggets have a better chance for the update though the rest of the series' should hold form. I still like San Antonio out West and Detroit in the East. Forget what you saw in the regular season, officiating is different in May and June-just ask Hugh Hollins.

This is obviously Mel Kiper's big weekend. All the mock drafts and rumors are flying. I ask why the Niners must take Smith or Rodgers. Don't they have bigger needs than QB? Teams who follow the regular path get left behind. Remember to take the road less travelled, it will make all the difference.