Monday, September 15, 2003

Week 2 went a lot better for the Thugonomics franchise. Thanks to the record-setting performance of Jamal Lewis and my acquisition of the Seattle defense, I picked up a big win. I found out about Lewis' day when I came home from work and saw the ticker. When it read Lewis 295 yds rushing, I wondered who had him in my league before realizing it was me.

On the down side, I lost my playoff match-up in baseball and am relegated to the 3rd place game. I actually lost on a tie-breaker, which could have been avoided if I had two more rbi's last week- tough way to lose.

Funniest moment of last week came while watching Smackdown. As Chavo was helping Eddie to their car after his interference led to Eddie's victory, Eddie was smiling and yelling "Chavito" as if he was surprised to see him. Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

That was some weekend of football. I spent Saturday afternoon listening to the Cuse battle back and take down UNC in OT- take that ACC! Then, it was time to watch Miami come from way down. During this game, I wondered why Inger Martin was not playing. Guess Ron Zook is unlike Mike Martz and won't play quarterbacks with concussions. I give a big thanks to Martz for not giving the ball to Marshall Faulk (my top fantasy pick). In case you were wondering this is my squad (Thugonomics):
QB: Trent Green and Mike Vick
RB: Faulk, Jamal Lewis, Warrick Dunn and Moe Williams
WR:Derrick Mason, Rod Smith, Donte Stallworth, Ashley Lelie, and Jimmy Smith
TE: Tony Gonzalez
K: Martin Grammatica and Mike Vanderjagt
D: Miami

Looks good on paper, but looks can be deceiving. I hope to rebound this week. The league is pretty evenly matched and we shall see what happens over this long season.

Here are the stats of two big league pitchers:

25 25 159.2 132 50 44 42 178 11 4 2.48
25 24 157.2 120 45 44 58 158 9 7 2.51

Looks pretty even don't they. Well Pitcher A is Pedro Martinez and Pitcher B is Brandon Webb of Arizona. Pedro will make $17 million next year and Webb will be making less than $1 million. Ponder that. Peace.