Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Happy trails to Grady Little- would you really still leave Pedro in the game? This is shaping up to be some baseball off-season. A mere 3 days after the season ends and already the Yankees are rumored to be getting the following players: A-Rod, Jose Vidro, Carlos Beltran, Gary Sheffield, Javier Vasquez, Ken Griffey, Jr., Miguel tejada, Kaz Matsui, Mike Lowell, Jim Edmonds, Bartolo Colon...just to name a few. It will be interesting to see if Theo Epstein will refuse to trade Casey Fossum this year. Do ya think that Boston would have done better with Kevin Millwood than Fossum last year?

Kobe keeps on opening his yap. Hey Kobe, go win a bunch of scoring titles on crappy teams and see how much "love" you get from the fans. I still say LA should have traded him for Kidd last summer, but they could probably deal him to NY for Houston, Ward, Thomas and picks. Houston would give them the outside shooter they need and Ward and Thomas would make their bench deep enough to win the West. Mitch Kupchak make the move.

I am glad to see my beloved Habs have started this year much better than last. Two games with the Bruins this week and let's hope Saku returns.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Almost a new record time between posts here. My apologies to my devoted fans- both of you. Here's the update: my fantasy football squad is 6-2 and has a share of 1st place. First half MVP is Jamal Lewis, who along with the KC defense, is keeping me alive while Vick and Faulk have been out.

Kudos to Shaq for coming out and putting Kobe in his place. Should be interesting to see what happens this week. Will Kobe pass the ball or will he force up 30 shots? It is obvious that he is off so far this year, but since he is so selfish, I say he keeps jacking shots until he leaves town for Memphis, which may come sooner than later.

My picks for this year in the NBA are the Spurs and Pacers with San Antonio repeating. I will try and update more often with the exploits of my fantasy squad, "The Brothers Barry".....and yes I have both Barrys on my team.