Friday, March 25, 2005

Let's try this again. Sitting here watching March Madness as an innocent bystander. My bracket was left broken down on the side of the road when UConn lost last Sunday. Can Billy Packer will his Blue Devils to victory tonight? Who at CBS decided to use the tournament to hype "Spring Break Shark Attack?"

Tommorow is a big day of hoops here in the Cuse. No TJ Sorrentine is not appearing at the Carrier Dome, but there is a lot happening. I will start the day by trying to
Stump the Schwab. Next up is the unveiling of the new 24 Second Shot Clock in downtown. After that it is down the road to Turning Stone Casino for the Basketball Hall of Fame exhibition featuring John Havlicek and Bill Walton. This could be the greatest day in the history of western civilization.

Speaking of 24 how will Jack Bauer escape this latest bind. Will former PresidentDavid Palmer finally emerge to repay Jack's years of service? Where's Jack's future son in law Chase Edmunds? Why so many questions??