Friday, March 28, 2003

Waiting for the big SU-Auburn game tonight, I wonder why Pitt quit last night. They looked like the game was over with 6-7 minutes left. If they had abandoned the 3 and kept driving to the basket, they would have won. Dwayne Wade was unreal in the second half. Then in Anaheim, Nick Collison puts Kansas on his back for 40 minutes to beat Duke. Folks, this is what superstars do and that's why you need one to win a title. Let's hope Carmelo Anthony and TJ Ford were watching and taking notes.

Also got to watch T-Mac vs KG last night. These guys should be 1-2 in the MVP race with KG just edging out T-Mac based on the fact that he is winning with Kendall Gill on his team. I mean c'mon, Kendall Gill was good in like 91 or 92, but that's about it. Everyone still fearing the Lakers, but I say you should fear the Spurs. The difference for SA from last year is that Danny Ferry is no longer their 6th man- that says a lot. Look for Speedy, Manu and Malik Rose to be the bench guys to help Duncan get another ring.

Go Cuse!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2003

Is your Bracket Busted? Mine is surviving at the moment. I had 11 of the Sweet 16 picked right, but still have all of my Final 4 squads alive. Glad to see Louisville and Florida knocked out yesterday. It's been a solid tourney so far and this week has some great match-ups. How bout the Big East? 8-0 so far and I remember someone a couple of months back talking about how underrated this conference was this year.

Last weekend Bill Walton coined a new phrase- "Throw it Down a Thon". That is classic stuff. I want to find some Walton audio files for my computer. Anytime I receive spam, the big red machine can yell out "That's horrible." Life doesn't get any better than that.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Busy, busy weekend. First up is my picks for the NCAA Tourney. (Note: I have never, ever, won a pool, so please use these at your own risk) I am going with Arizona, Texas, Pitt and SU with Texas beating Arizona in the final. This is a wide open tourney, to say the least. I believe Kentucky is due for a bad game and as much as I hate to admit it, if Brandin Knight is healthy Pitt can beat them. My keys to each of my Final 4: Texas- Brandon Mouton, Arizona- Channing Frye, Pitt- Chevy Troutman, and SU- Hakim Warrick. These guys are the ones who will need to step up for each of their schools to advance. Of course, I will probably have something else to say next week at this time.

My fantasy baseball draft went pretty well. Here is the lineup for the 2003 version of the Syracuse Black Squirrels:
SP: Derek Lowe, Javier Vasquez, Jason Schmidt, Josh Beckett,Joel Pineiro
RP:Robb Nen, Jose Mesa, Matt Mantei,Octavio Dotel, Francisco Rodriguez
C:Jason Varitek, Toby Hall
1B: Jim Thome, Josh Phelps
2B: Mark Bellhorn
SS:Nomar, Orlando Cabrera
3B: Troy Glaus, Mark Texeira
OF: Barry Bonds, Chipper Jones,Adam Dunn,Jose Cruz, Jr, Jeremy Giambi, Brad Wilkerson
Might make a couple of changes when the season starts. Lots of power there, but question marks as far as average,stolen bases and saves.

Karaoke update: This weekend I did "Hot in Herre", "I Just Want to Love You" and an outstanding duet of "Picture" with my girl Kelly.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

It's Madness and I'm not talking about the guys who brought us "Our House". So let's leave the place in the middle of the street and stroll over to Bracketville. No tears shed here for Georgia or St. Bona. The Georgia players who think Tony Cole let them down are just ridiculous...umm how bout your coach and his boy breaking all the rules. Maybe these guys are upset because they only got an A- in "Principles of Coaching Basketball". This is going to be a wild next couple of weeks. Every team has a weakness and there is not much seperating the teams. I'll say the #1 seeds will be Arizona, Kentucky, Texas and Kansas or Oklahoma. After these four, it's anybody's guess. Big stars can carry teams far this year, so look out for Wake (Josh Howard), Marquette (Wade), Xavier (West) and of course the Cuse (Anthony). I'll have my picks after the brackets are released.

Baseball is gearing up and with my fantasy draft this weekend, here are some early picks:
AL East- NY, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Tampa
AL Central- Chicago, Minn, Cleveland, Detroit, KC
AL West- Oakland, Seattle,Anaheim, Texas
NL East- Atlanta, Philadelphia, NY, Florida, Montreal
NL Central- Houston, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Chicago,Pittsburgh, Milwaukee
NL West- San Fran, Arizona, LA, San Diego
Wildcard- Arizona
AL Champ- Oakland
NL Champ- Houston
World Champs- Oakland

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Life has been busy here lately. Gotta love the run the Cuse has been on lately. This team is going to be a tough out in the next few weeks. They have a few guys capable of putting up numbers and they play with poise and a lot of heart. Here is my shot at some awards: Big East POY- Mike Sweetney, ROY-Carmelo Anthony, COY- Jim Boeheim - First Team BE: Troy Bell, Marcus Hatten, Matt Carroll, Sweetney and Anthony
National Player of the Year: Dwayne Wade-Marquette
1st Team All-American: Wade, TJ Ford, Josh Howard, Nick Collison and Sweetney

Getting close to baseball season so I will be posting some predictions shortly. Now I have to go watch the Chapelle Show- if you haven't seen it then what is wrong with you.