Monday, February 24, 2003

Been a while since the last update so here goes a few things from off the top of my brain(grammar and proper punctuation is being checked at the door).....condolences to all those affected by the fire in RI last week- it was sad to be back in the Ocean State and have something awful like that happen- let's hope that people learn from this and keep the pyro to large or outdoor venues

not to belittle this event, but I need to focus on some good things: sweet SU-ND game a couple of weeks ago as I enjoyed with 32,000 other college hoops fans-combined with SU-Pitt makes for a couple of awesome games for me to see...spent last Friday night in Somerville to see The Modeles tear it up- check them out when they come near your town and tell Zing (the drummer) I sent you....spring training is gearing up and what happened to Manny Ramirez's hair? man he makes Steve Nash's do look happening...Gary Payton traded for Ray Allen? one of those change of scenery deals that should work out for both teams...I like Orlando getting Drew Gooden- he could help T-Mac make a run to the Finals...Kobe keeps scoring, but at what price? stay tuned for this one case you haven't noticed the Sixers are playing some good ball now that DC is back healthy....did anyone know who Norah Jones was before last night? I was calling for Avril to win a few, but I was wrong...nice perfomances by Eminem w/ The Roots, Coldplay and the tribute to The Clash....I think Ja Rule is really gunning to win that award for Rap and R&B song next year....Kirilenko for 6th Man and Harpring for Most Improved- is there magic in those ugly Jazz jerseys? (just kidding Kelly)...big win for the Cuse over State and I can still hear my boy Neil screaming from Salt Lake for Hill to get that final shot- 10 threes in one game-that's a sick performance...gotta get some sleep- check me out on as I do some high school track commentating tomorrow night.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

How you doin? Pretty cold here, but looking forward to the Cuse-ND game on Saturday. I will be joined by another 30,000 people as the Dome rocks again. Hopefully the outcome will be like that of the Pitt game and the Cuse will be gaining momentum heading into March. The Big East has just collapsed. What happened to BC and Nova? Awful, awful showings lately.

I think Michael Jordan played his last All-Star Game this weekend, but I'm not sure if that info is correct as they didn't make mention of it during the game. Who held Vinsanity's arms while Davey Stern held the lead pipe to his knee to get him to give MJ the starting slot? Who has money on when Mariah Carey will "accidentally" pop out on live tv? People think I am nuts for wanting a velour track suit, but c'mon a full length Wizards jersey dress? Did it really go well with the huge rock on her hand? Are women going to be wearing these to clubs now? I am disappointed that the West didn't play Nowitzki with Duncan,Garnett, Yao and Shaq. Sorry folks, but the US versus the World would not be close. Here are your teams:
US- Shaq, Duncan, McGrady, Kobe and Kidd- Payton,AI, O'Neal, Wallace,Stackhouse,Mashburn,Pierce,Francis,Marbury
How close do you think that game would be?

Picked up the new 50-Cent cd yesterday and it is good stuff. The man really hates Ja Rule- that earns big bonus points in my book. Let's hope this rap battle stays on wax though.

Pitchers and catchers report this week. Bout time baseball gets started back up. Stay tuned for some more fantasy tips from yours truly.

On that note,this update is done like Christina Aguilera dating white guys.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

If you haven't already done so, check out .Bill Walton's column this week. I caught part of his new ESPN show this weekend and it was unusual to say the least. Not sure who the Stuttering John look alike is, but seeing that guy in sweat pants talking to Jordan was pretty funny. Pretty cool that Stevie Francis and Cuttino Mobley got Walton to say "That's Horrible"- Walton is the man.

Why are people surprised that all of these college basketball #1's are losing? No team is that good that they will go through the year with only 2-3 losses. If you thought we saw some Madness last March, you ain't seen nothing yet.

My latest crazy idea is to get a velour sweatsuit (with hood) and have my name embroidered on it....maybe a Carolina blue or grey. You can't beat that for style.

It was brought to my attention that I seemed to like many athletes who are "stupid, white guys". I took great offense to this and to combat this, I will now list some of my current favorites:

Allen Iverson, Derrick Coleman, Matt Harpring, Malik Rose, Brent Barry,Yao Ming, Cuttino Mobley,Steve Nash
Saku Koivu, Jaromir Jagr, Jose Theodore,Keith Carney,Brian Leetch
Greg Maddux, Ichiro,Sammy Sosa,Jimmy Rollins,Chipper Jones,Mike Bordick,Roy Oswalt, Barry Zito, Adam Dunn,Mo Vaughn,John Flaherty,Trot Nixon, Nom-ah
Chad Pennington,Terrell Owens,Donovan McNabb,Brett Favre,Dwight Freeney,Darren Sharper
Old School Favorites:
Dr. J, Rex Chapman, Pistol Pete, Carlton Fisk, Marty Clark, Steve Grogan, Guy Lafleur, Mats Naslund

There you go- that's the list....well for now anyway.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

What an unbelievable game last night in the Carrier Dome. It was the best hoops game that I have ever been too. 30,000 people and a great battle on the court made for an amazing atmosphere. The first half was tight until Pitt began to dissect the Cuse zone. They got a lot of easy looks and every player seemed to contribute for them. SU struggled to get going on offense and were down by double digits at halftime. Pitt fans were feeling pretty good about their chances of ascending to #1 in the polls, but they were a little premature in their celebration.

SU came out and the crowd began to get into the game again. A nice drive and layup by Craig Forth seemed to provide a spark. Then the Orangemen came out of their zone and began to press and play man to man. This really hampered Pitt as they used up a lot of clock and never seemed to get into a flow like they had in the first half. On the other end, Hakim Warrick took over and became very aggressive. Officiating was horrible- tremendously incosistent during the game. Foul trouble plagued both teams and as the Cuse closed the gap the Dome was rocking like it was the 80s again. The final minute was like a strange movie. Jeremy McNeil, shooting 28% from the line for the year, nails two freebies to tie the game. Then, SU comes up with a steal and a chance to win. Gerry MacNamara, who sure has a lot of guts, took the ball past Knight and drew another defender over. As his shot missed, McNeil was wide open for the put back. Then it got real interesting. Pitt fumbled the inbounds pass and got timeout as the crowd stormed the court. Replays gave them 0.8 seconds to try and tie or win. For whatever reason, SU did not defend the inbounds pass- bad decision there- and Knight got a look from 35 feet. His shot went right in as the court was stormed again. It seemed like he took too much time, but as the officials tried to review the play fans were going after them and several Pitt players. The shot was not allowed and the party began for the third time. It was too bad this controversy took away from an incredible battle. Pitt is a very good team, but they lack a go to guy, which will hurt them again come tourney time. SU showed toughness coming back and let's hope they will build off this huge win.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

It's All-Star time and that means all sorts of stupid controversies and more ridiculous comments from athletes. Vince Carter has just completed his full heel turn. C'mon VC like the millions of people who voted for you would be saddened if MJ started for you. AI and T-Mac had the right idea in offering up their spots and MJ did the right thing by declining. Now Vince looks stupid. I mean do you think you even deserve to be in the All-Star game? Do the right thing and take the weekend off so that Ron Artest can play. The nation wants to watch Artest make Kobe's experience miserable. Ok, maybe not the nation, but I sure want to watch that.

Who cares about the Pro Bowl? Thanks to all the player's wives, girlfriends and families for raising your hands. Everyone else could care less. It's all about the NHL All-Star Game this weekend baby. This might be the best chance for anyone from Ottawa to get paid this year. Has any championship team not gotten rings because they couldn't afford them?

In honor of this week's State of the Union, I will now give you the "State of K-Wall" address. Ahem...thank you all for attending. 2002 was certainly a year of ups and downs but, as I embark on a new beginning in 2003, I am encouraged and energized. This page will hopefully be updated more often with more of the opinions, jokes and pointless references to donuts that you have all come to know and love. Now I must get ready for the Cuse- Pitt game tonight. Go SU!!!