Sunday, December 29, 2002

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you....but I'm back baby, so let's get down to business. Does anyone in the NFL want to win a game they need this weekend? Well I know one team that does...J-E-T-S! Chad Pennington's legend continues to grow and I have been telling you people this for weeks...Chizzad is in the hizzouse!! Great choke job by the Dolphins today..hmm 3 point lead with under 3 minutes to go and the NFL's leading rusher- let's throw the ball....whoops. Love how the Saints fold up and get beat by Cincy and Carolina in the last 2 weeks.
A 2002 year in review will be up later this week.
Stay Gold Ponyboy.

Monday, December 16, 2002

Should have played Culpepper this week. Now I sit here and sweat out the MNF matchup hoping that Keith Bulluck and Derek Mason can get me 20 pts....go Titans! This is no knock on my boy Chad Pennington-he would have gotten me another td if Chrebet hadn't fumbled. Lots of parity in the NFL..who knows who will end up in the Super Bowl, but I don't think it will be Atlanta and Pittsburgh.
Congrats to Carson Palmer-have fun in Cincy or Carolina big guy. Waiting for the college hoops season to get geared up.

Nice moves by the Mets today. Stanton will be a big pick-up for them and how they have managed to dump Ordonez,Burnitz and Cedeno is spectacular. They still need a third baseman and outfielder though. Could we see Vlad Guerrero and Adam Dunn in the same outfield? Wow that would make me take a couple of trips to Montreal. I also like the 4 team deal from Sunday. Durazo can bash if he is healthy, Dessens adds some depth to Arizona, Lopez gives Cincy a solid middle infielder and Toronto adds some young pitching which it desperately needs. Look out for the Jays if they can get another pitcher for Jose Cruz. This is just the beginning of a wild off season.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Awaiting the Expos fire sale, let's talk about Pete Rose. Just let him get into the Hall of Fame. Yeah he screwed up, but he's the Hit King. Watched Lebron James tonight and he was pretty damn impressive and it's not like Oak Hill is a bunch of pushovers either. Bill Walton and Dick Vitale together though-that's a little too much for just about anyone to handle.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

The question everyone wants to know did Chad Pennington do this week? Huh, you mean that's not what you want to know? Oh...the Heisman..well 6 td's is impressive and I would still go with McGahee as my choice. Dorsey catching a td pass wouldn't have changed things, but since most of the Heisman voters are ridiculous it will be Dorsey, Palmer, L. Johnson,McGahee and Banks. This is how it should be: McGahee,Banks,L.Johnson,Palmer,Leftwich and Dorsey. When did the Rose Bowl move to Miami? Gotta love how the BCS has protected the purity of the Bowl Games. We sure don't want a playoff system to come in and mess with the sanctity-now we get Keith Jackson calling the clahh-sic matchup of Washington St and Oklahoma.

I am still amazed at how Major League Baseball is running the Expos. Now we get to watch as the Yankees get Colon (when this happens be sure to pick him up) and Atlanta gets Vidro and Vasquez all so MLB can save a few bucks. Can't they just sell this team and let them move to DC?

Thursday, December 05, 2002

"Was it my whip-appeal or my baby face?" Three updates in a week...are you impressed yet? So, Glavine is a Met now. Well he can hit better than Rey Ordonez, so I guess that makes it a good move. This becomes a big deal if Maddux leaves Atlanta, otherwise the Phillies and Mets are spending lots of money to try and unseat the Braves and time will tell how it turns out. To me the big loss for Atlanta is Mike Remlinger-now Smoltz will probably remain as the closer and if Hampton gets his groove back from Stella then I still give the nod to Atlanta next season.

Your Heisman moment: If Brad Banks was the QB for an 11-1 Notre Dame team, he would be the landslide winner. Rack that!!!

Monday, December 02, 2002

Back again for another update- can you believe it? Well what a football weekend we had and I wanted to mention a few things....that Arkansas-LSU game started things off for me on Friday- what a finish and it reminds me just how dumb the college celebration rule really is- a team drives 70+ yards in 25 seconds to go to the conference championship- how do they not celebrate like crazy.....speaking of celebrations-nice story about Terrell Owens in the ESPN Magazine- the guy has a point it's not like he beat his wife or ran over some cops, it's just a Sharpie people....How bout those running backs in the NFL yesterday? and that Mike Vick guy runs the ball pretty well too..this is just what the NFL wants-lots and lots of parity.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Today's update brought to you by Omoycyllin for all your anti-biotic needs....So I dragged myself out of my apt for the first time in almost 3 days to catch the Miami Hurricanes and here's what I think:...this team is loaded on offense...the line is solid,McGahee is a star back(great vision and ability to cut back), Dorsey will kill you if he has time, Andre Johnson has some serious wheels and Winslow is a great 3rd down receiver. McGahee didn't get too many touches since SU played the run, but he made two great long runs. Doresy impressed me as he might not be the biggest or fastest QB but he put the ball where it needed to be nearly every time. My Heisman poll right now: 1)McGahee 2) L. Johnson 3) Dorsey 4) Carson Palmer 5) Leftwich........VA Tech is going to have to step it up big next week as this Miami team looks real focused on getting back to the National Championship game.

College hoops is kicking into swing and everyone wants to talk upsets...sorry folks, it's too early to do that. Let's get into the conference schedules before we start going crazy. Looks like the Tar Heels are back though. Man there are some freshman making a huge impact this year already-if only these guys would stay for four years.