Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Tuesday night thoughts brought to you by Benadryl....free agency seems to be heating up and I don't know what the Phillies are thinking....Thome for 6 years and Glavine for 4...I like the Braves pick-up of Hampton especially if they get Maddux back..I think Hampton will thrive in the competitive atmosphere in Atlanta...if the Yanks get Bartolo-draft him high in your fantasy league- he could win 25 with that team around him....
Ohio St stepped up and held on and now they wait and see what the Canes do the next two weeks. I predict that Ken Dorsey puts up big numbers this weekend against the Cuse's poor pass d and then takes the Heisman although my vote would go to Larry Johnson of Penn State (just as I said two weeks ago in Boston he is the best rb in the nation...bar none!)
Have a Happy Thanksgiving folks.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Back with more random thoughts...like it's a Larry King column...Ko-be Ko-be...kind of tough carrying a team by yourself isn't it....why all this talk so early about who will play for the US in 2004-like we have to win the gold there or else, it's just basketball folks and I'm sure that if enough of the big guys play (Duncan,Garnett,McGrady,Kidd) there will be no worries....Lisa Ling is leaving The View-well guess I can stop watching that show and start tuning in to MSNBC....Big Show as WWE champ-are you serious????....go out and get GTA:Vice City-the game is hella cool....it's been over a week since I had a donut...that might be some sort of record for me...ok gotta go as my hero Bill Walton is on droppin more knowledge.

Monday, November 18, 2002

You're the author of an anonymous blog who has the chance to spend a weekend in Boston...do you a) back off due to bad weather and miss out on good time with some friends or b) you go and sacrifice sleep as you show them that turning 30 isn't a death sentence and that a little bit of a gut doesn't make you a bad guy thus giving them hope as they speed through their 20s. Well if you were Hubie Brown you might say something like that and if you haven't heard it before than get over to and listen to Andy Polley's imitation of the unique coach/broadcaster/coach.

Yao finally goes off and I don't care if it was against Mededenko and Horry. Give this guy some time as he has great touch around the rim. He will open up things for Stevie Franchise and Cuttino Mobley. Saw something in ESPN Magazine which called Kobe the next Pippen...ouch that's gotta hurt...hey at least Kobe hasn't begged out of a game because he doesn't get the last shot. Gotta love the Mavs...now I am thinking of going for the Steve Nash look this winter...

Another Heisman list: 1) Willis McGahee 2) Byron Leftwich 3) Brad Banks 4) Larry Johnson (who I think is the best overall back in college and as I was told this weekend "that's a bold statement Wall"...hey I'm all about making bold statements...that and eating donuts)

"Lose Yourself" might be the best Eminem tune yet....who's going to be the first rapper to take that leap and wear a Chad Pennington jersey?....that new Oregon Ducks mascot is- well I don't know what to think of it at all- just seems odd, real odd....nice move by the Braves to get Hampton...where will Glavine go now or does Hampton become their new 1st baseman-he might hit better than the Franco boys....will someone actually trade for Rey Ordonez and Jeremy Burnitz and if they do does that qualify them for temporary insanity- I wouldn't make that trade in a videogame....

Monday, November 11, 2002

Returning to CNY after spending a couple of days trapped in hotel at LaGuardia, I was thrown back into the college football madness. The Cuse wins a shootout against a top 10 team...Sooners are dropped, ND struggles against Navy and that LSU Hail Mary. The funniest thing was seeing the kid in the blue tie running out on the field and then realizing that the Wildcats lost...HA HA! How dumb do those Cats fans feel after rushing the field during a loss? I am hoping that somehow Texas does not back into the National Championship game.

Do you think Kobe's shoulder and elbow are still sore after those 47 shots? Nice d by LA as Stackhouse dunks for the game winner. Shaq just sits back and says who needs who now. Nice to see all of those SU alums on the field at The Vet yesterday, but if you thought Mungro would have the best game of all of them, then you might be more than a little bit nuts.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Just another manic Monday...you're welcome Lakers fans. Another weekend and another guy I rip shows me up. This time it was Kobe as he puts up back to back Ice Cubes (meaning he messed around and got a triple double) over the weekend. My condolences to Knicks fans...when you blow a 17 point lead against that Philly team, it does not bode well for the rest of the season.

The unbeatens are dwindling over as the college football season winds down. Say what you want against Miami- they still look tough to me and I think Hurricanes-Sooners is the best possible matchup. I happened to like the green jerseys of Notre Dame...folks superstition or not, uniforms have never cost a loss....too bad because now the green jerseys and the Chargers powder-blue badboys will be retired for a while I am sure.

Hope you have been following my advice and going against my picks- if so you are doing alright and any contributions will be accepted.

Kudos to Eric Hinske for the AL ROY award as he would be a guy that I would take as my 3rd baseman again next year. When is Tim Hortons going to make it to Syracuse? As H. Simpson puts it so well...."MMMmmmmmm...donuts!!!!"

Friday, November 01, 2002

RIP- JamMaster Jay..."JamMaster Jay turnin out that sound...turntables might wobble but they don't fall down"

It's a little depressing to lose one of the members of one of my favorite groups of all time. A little over a year ago, I saw Run DMC in concert and while Run is a lot heavier and DMC is into his own thing-it was great hearing the classics. Let me tell you, Ja Rule and Fat Joe won't be remembered in 20 years unlike the boys from Run DMC.....

NBA Action it's .....well it's getting better, no really we are going to have some teams score more than 100 this year, we promise. So, Kobe gained 15 pounds in the offseason-just more that blocks anything Phil Jackson says. Who needs Shaq now? Don't be too surprised to see the Lakers trade Kobe somewhere where he can score 35 ppg on a crappy team. Now I know Kobe is a great player, but he is selfish, doesn't listen and does not trust his teammates- they guy is not a leader at all. Check out ESPN's Page 2 for a sweet article about Kobe and his attitude.Looks like the Vin Baker Curse is settling into Boston right now- losing by 30 to the Wizards as Dennis Miller might say "Ouch Babe."

I am trying to compile a list of reasons why the Hornets would retire Pistol Pete's jersey....they are desperate for acceptance in N'awlins...that's it..that's the list! Now those who know me, now that I think the Pistol is cool like that, but come on-the Hornets didn't exist while he was alive-how can they retire his number? Someone explain this to me......

Let's see no Deuce and no Edge this week- c'mon Amos Zeroue..woohoo Steelers. I'm taking Bledsoe over Brady, Niners over Raiders,Pack over Fins and in the big game of the week Jacksonville over the Giants.