Sunday, February 26, 2006

Prelude to Madnessbv

Before we get March Madness, we are stuck with “February Ridiculousness”. That’s what I call all of this Bubble Watch lunacy we are exposed to by college basketball experts. Since I am a firm believer that education and facts are the best way to combat this growing problem, I present this following table of teams on the bubble (data courtesy of as of Feb. 25th)

Team Record RPI SOS RPI 1-50 RPI 51-100 RPI 100-150
Syracuse 19-9 28 10 2-8 6-1 5-0
No. Iowa 20-8 31 49 7-6 0-1 8-1
Michigan 18-8 24 27 3-7 7-0 4-1
Wichita St 22-7 25 52 6-7 3-0 8-0
So. Illinois 19-9 40 64 6-4 2-2 7-3
Kentucky 18-10 41 23 2-8 6-2 7-0
Alabama 15-10 44 6 4-5 5-3 3-2
Colorado 18-7 47 99 2-2 2-3 9-2
Maryland 15-10 48 13 2-6 2-4 6-0
Bradley 18-9 43 71 6-5 1-1 6-3

Looking at the above table, I would give an edge to Michigan, Wichita St, Syracuse, Kentucky, and Northern Iowa. As much as wins against the top 50 count, losses to teams lower than 100 have to count the same. So tell me Doug Gottleib and Seth Davis how is it that you can discount the facts when you get your mugs on tv? Just some things to chew on before the conference tournaments.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

It's Olympic....boogie woogie woogie

Thanks to the wonderful internet, I keep stumbling upon Olympic results before they are aired on NBC. Not that big of a deal, since I can still see curling live. Poor Lindsey Jacobellis picked the wrong time to act like a snowboarder and go for the trick. I don't see the big deal- she tried something fun and blew it and she has to deal with it- not you Jimmy Roberts so just relax a little. Gas prices were not going to drop if Lindsey won gold instead of silver.

Hockey is starting to heat up and the Swiss victory over Canada has spoiled the day for my neighbors to the North. Right now I am switching between two games live and in hd- sometimes there are benefits to frigid temperatures. I am settled in for a long day and night of quality sports on tv. Now all I need is a Syracuse hoops win.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Worst Super Bowl ever?

Not the worst ever, but what a mediocre game. It was setting up to be a nice one, it's just too bad that the officiating was so poor. The so-so game combined with boring commercials and meaningless anthem and halftime performances made the whole game lackluster.

The recipe for a bad LA basketball team:
See Kobe. See Kobe drive. See Kobe shoot. See Kobe's teammates stand around and do nothing. Repeat 30-40 times per game.

Now it's time for college hoops to step to the main stage. Good luck trying to pick a Final 4 this year. It will be all about matchups in March. If you want me to go out on a limb, I'll take Mich St, UConn, Gonzaga and Texas. Check back with me and two weeks and see if I feel the same way.

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