Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Say what??? Va Tech and Miami only. Well that was a big shocker to me. I am not going to call on Miami to do the "right thing" and say no, but I think they should say no and here's why (all quotes are fictional and are for purely entertainment purposes):
- Miami was approached by the ACC to switch and bring their fb program to raise the prestige of the conference. Miami said, "Sure if we can bring our friends at Syracuse and our tag-along lil brother BC." The ACC says, "why we would love to have all three of you. We'll even come for a visit to make sure you meet our criteria." Miami is very excited and tells SU and BC. BC goes ahead and packs it's bags and tells the Big East, "Sorry, but this isn't working out. It's not you, it's me."
- The other BE schools get jealous and cry foul. Well at least this is what the other schools told West Virginia- they didn't understand what all them "talkin heads on the magic box was sayin". Va Tech stamps their feet and signs onto the lawsuit all while going to the Governor to say they want to play in the ACC too and if he doesn't help, they will hold their breath. Big poppa Governor tells UVA that they must let Va Tech pay or else they won't get to play either.
- UVA tells their friends that Va Tech has to come along to the game which makes Duke and UNC happy because they don't want the big, bad Cuse coming to beat on them like they beat on the Big 12 last year. Miami pays this no mind-just figuring that the ACC's word is good.
- If Miami goes in with Va Tech they say good-bye to those trips back to the Northeast and a chance for the wealthy alums ("donors") to see their beloved Canes. Miami also feels bad for their friends SU and even lil ole BC because they were willing to come along and now are left by the side of the road because the ACC doesn't have room for them with Va Tech in the backseat.
- If Miami comes back to the BE, Louisville will come calling (chance to beat up on Slick Rick- Yes!!!) and Miami can continue to get their annual BCS berth in football while having a lot of power in the future of BE football. They will have zero power in the ACC- the hoops schools will see to that. Then the ACC will be stuck with the uninvited Va Tech hanging out like the guy who won't leave your house even after the party ends-saying he's hungry and just needs to crash out for a bit and I say the ACC will get what they deserve. Meanwhile, BC comes crawling back to the BE saying, "Baby I didn't mean what I said, let's give it another chance."

In other news, NBA Draft tomorrow. No Bill Walton, which is bad. Can't ESPN let him do some Sunday Night Baseball? Someone get Walton on tv and soon. Maybe he could fill-in on PTI if TK and Wilbon take some time off. Sorry Sports Guy Luke Walton is not the guy who can save the NBA- everyone knows Melo and Manu are those guys. Where's Rex Chapmanwhen you need him anyway?

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

"Who's house? My house!!!!"Now that my move is finished I am back baby. Spurs in 6 sure was a good call and Tim Duncan had one phenom-enal game in the clincher. "The Big Fundamental" almost dropped a quad-deuce on "The Big Bark, No Bite" aka K-Mart. 3 for 23 should keep someone quiet over the summer. No white guys to blame it on this time Kenyon- unless you want to count Donnie Marshall.

My fantasy team has rebounded and climbed to second in my division. I would be in great shape if some guys played like real men and didn't constantly dump pitchers. They will get theirs in the end. Bonds and Thome are heating up and I have Nomar and Byrnes rippin the ball. Just wait till Chipp-ah gets going.

If the Nuggets pass on Carmelo tomorrow night, it will be a colossal mistake. Just like I told you about Manu-Mania, heed my words it's Melo Time. ROY next year while puts up 18.5 points, 8.3 boards and 3.4 assists per. My 1st round steal is David West from Xavier who scored 20+ while being double and triple teamed each night.

Bob Gainey is back in Montreal. Will he bring Derian Hatcher with him? I say dump Brisebois and let Hatcher roam the blue line w/Rivet and just punish people.

Go out and buy the new Jason Mraz cd "Waiting for My Rocket to Come"- good stuff. I gotta jet to finish hooking up my surround sound- later.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Au revoir Patrick Roy. The best goalie ever decides to go out and even though they lost this year, you can't take away his 4 Stanley Cup rings. He was the reason why my beloved Habs won in 86 and 93 (especially 93 when his play inspired a lesser team to the title). I will never forget watching Roy take over in 93. Yes, he was arrogant and cocky on the ice, but that's the way a goalie needs to play.

Is Sammy Sosa a cheat? Look this is being blown out of proportion. Yes he was caught with cork and yes he made a huge mistake, but to say he cheated the last few years. The guy made himself stronger as he got older (when it is easier to add weight and muscle to the body). He also moved to a great home run park and that and not cork has led him to 500 homers.

Someone plugged in David Robinson last night. If the Spurs get games like this from Parker and the Admiral this series will be short. What happened to Kenyon Martin? Man, he has really stepped up his game. Forget Duncan's numbers, no one can stop him and that's why he is the MVP. I've said the Spurs all along and I am going with them in 6. Someone get me a Manu jersey.